Mingya Han

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 Proper peptide presentation by major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-encoded class II antigens is dependent on the products of the MHC DM loci. We identified the rabbit orthologues (RLA-DMA and -DMB) of human HLA-DMA and -DMB and found that they have 76.9% and 78.8% identity with HLA-DMA and -DMB, respectively. Like classical class II MHC genes, RLA-DM(More)
GhVLN4 exhibited activity of cross-linking actin filaments into bundles. Overexpression of GhVLN4 increased the abundance of thick actin bundles and resulted in longer cell phenotypes. Actin bundle is a dynamic, higher-order cytoskeleton structure that is essential for cell expansion. Villin is one of the major proteins responsible for crosslinking actin(More)
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