Mingxuan Sun

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Collaborative filtering is a rapidly advancing research area. Every year several new techniques are proposed and yet it is not clear which of the techniques work best and under what conditions. In this paper we conduct a study comparing several collaborative filtering techniques – both classic and recent state-of-the-art – in a variety of experimental(More)
The antibacterial actions of two amino acid oxidases, a D-amino acid oxidase from hog kidney and a L-amino acid oxidase from the venom of Agkistrodon halys, were investigated, demonstrating that both enzymes were able to inhibit the growth of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, and that hydrogen peroxide, a product of their enzymatic reactions,(More)
This paper presents a framework to restore the 2D content printed on documents in the presence of geometric distortion and nonuniform illumination. Compared with text-based document imaging approaches that correct distortion to a level necessary to obtain sufficiently readable text or to facilitate optical character recognition (OCR), our work targets(More)
This paper presents adaptive repetitive learning control for trajectory tracking of uncertain robotic manipulators. Through the introduction of a novel Lyapunov-like function, the proposed method only requires the system to start from where it stopped at the last cycle, and avoids the strict requirement for initial repositioning for all the cycles. In(More)
For cold-start recommendation, it is important to rapidly profile new users and generate a good initial set of recommendations through an interview process --- users should be queried adaptively in a sequential fashion, and multiple items should be offered for opinion solicitation at each trial. In this work, we propose a novel algorithm that learns to(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel framework called space-time light field rendering, which allows continuous exploration of a dynamic scene in both space and time. Compared to existing light field capture/rendering systems, it offers the capability of using unsynchronized video inputs and the added freedom of controlling the visualization in the temporal(More)
We introduce a new dissimilarity function for ranked lists, the <i>expected weighted Hoeffding distance</i>, that has several advantages over current dissimilarity measures for ranked search results. First, it is easily customized for users who pay varying degrees of attention to websites at different ranks. Second, unlike existing measures such as(More)
In iterative learning control (ILC), a common assumption is that the initial states in each repetitive operation should be inside a given ball centered at the desired initial states which may be unknown. This assumption is critical to the stability analysis, and the size of the ball will directly affect the final output trajectory tracking errors. In this(More)
In the competitive environment of the internet, retaining and growing one's user base is of major concern to most web services. Furthermore, the economic model of many web services is allowing free access to most content, and generating revenue through advertising. This unique model requires securing user time on a site rather than the purchase of good(More)