Mingxu Wei

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The mechanism of the sensory-to-motor transformation as well as motor-to-sensory transformation of human beings has attracted much attention in recent years. As no efficient device can record hand intrinsic behavior, it is difficult to get its neuro-physiological models of sensory-motor coordination. In this paper, we offer a system to acquire the(More)
Force sensitive tablet (F-Tablet) is a novel handwriting input device, it can capture two dimension torque and three dimension force information directly. With the force and torque information, handwriting recognition and signature verification will be more efficient. This paper discusses a handwriting recognition process which firstly utilizes the novel(More)
In the process of writing on a handwriting-input device, if the input device is askew or the writer does not pay attention to the direction, then the output character will be oblique even totally reversal. So a way to rectify the origin input character is needed and good methods will make the latter Chinese character recognition and signature verification(More)
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