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Many practical engineering problems are naturally global optimization problems with complex constraints and local optimums. However, practicable and effective approaches for those constrained global optimization problems are still insufficient. A modified differential evolution algorithm is put forward for constrained global optimization problems in this(More)
A robust archived differential evolution algorithm is put forward by means of embedding a flexibility processing operator and an efficiency processing operator based on original DE and ADE. A special constraint-handling mechanism based on dynamic penalty functions and fitness calculation of individuals is adopted in the proposed method to deal with various(More)
Deuterium-enriched and fluorine-substituted compounds have been widely applied in drug discovery due to their advantages in the studies of clinical pharmacokinetics and metabolic profiles. Herein we synthesized a library of deuterated and fluorine-substituted plinabulin derivatives, and all 15 D- or F-compounds were characterized by MS, $$^{1}\hbox {H}$$ 1(More)
BACKGROUND Presenteeism affects the performance of healthcare workers. This study examined associations between job stress, affective commitment, and presenteeism among healthcare workers. METHODS To investigate the relationship between job stress, affective commitment, and presenteeism, structural equation modeling was used to analyze a sample of 1392(More)
This paper has built a product model by UML and corresponding Product Schema. Then we have illuminated transmit mechanism of the product information by a dumbbell XML document. At last, we have pointed out the direction of the research. This research will provide a significative explore to the product data interchange between the members of virtual(More)
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