Mingxing Zhu

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The Ge-Ga-Se-S-CsCl glasses were prepared by the melting-quenching method. The absorption and transmission spectrum were measured under room temperature. It is found that these glasses have high broad spectral range of transparency from visible to far-infrared region (0.4-12 microm). The relationship between the optical gap and chemical composition in terms(More)
The HgCdTe layers (x<sub>Cd</sub>∼0.285 and 0.225) were grown by molecular beam epitaxy and liquid phase epitaxy, respectively, followed by the deposition of CdTe and ZnS films as barrier layers by thermal evaporation. Then, the p-on-n photodiodes were fabricated by AS ion implantation, Hg overpressure annealing, passivation, and metallization. The(More)
The glass-forming region of the GeSe(2)-In(2)Se(3)-KI system was reported firstly. The dependence of physical, thermal and optical properties on compositions as formula of (1-x)(0.8GeSe(2)-0.2In(2)Se(3))-xKI (x=0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3) chalcohalide glasses was investigated. The allowed direct transition and indirect transition, and Urbach energy of samples were(More)
The first steric-repulsion-based magnetically responsive photonic crystals (MRPCs) is constructed by synthesizing uniform superparamagnetic polyvinylpyrrolidone-coated Fe3 O4 colloidal nanocrystal clusters. The color tunable range of the MRPCs can not only cover almost the entire visible specztrum in solvents of diverse polarities, but also is insusceptible(More)
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