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Steam jet mill—a prospective solution to industrial exhaust steam and solid waste
Bulk industrial solid wastes occupy a lot of our resources and release large amounts of toxic and hazardous substances to the surrounding environment, demanding innovative strategies for grinding,Expand
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Diels–Alder reactions of arynes in situ generated from DA reaction between bis-1,3-diynes and alkynes
Abstract Diels–Alder reactions based on arynes generated directly from bis-1,3-diynes have been developed. These reactions displayed good functional group compatibility and gave moderate to highExpand
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Retro-inverso follicle-stimulating hormone peptide-mediated polyethylenimine complexes for targeted ovarian cancer gene therapy
Abstract Background: The development of nanoparticle drug delivery systems with targeted ligands has the potential to increase treatment efficiency in ovarian cancer. Methods: We developed a 21-aminoExpand
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Roles of Lanthanum and Cerium in Grain Refinement of Steels during Solidification
Refinement of as-cast structures is one of the most effective approaches to improve mechanical properties, formability, and surface quality of steel castings and ingots. In the past few decades,Expand
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Identification of a uranium–rhodium triple bond in a heterometallic cluster
Significance Multimetallic species exhibit great potential in catalysis and small-molecule activation due to their multimetallic synergistic effects. Biological nitrogen fixation and industrialExpand
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Solvent-induced generation of two magnesium-based metal–organic frameworks with doubly inter-penetrated ReO3 nets constructed from the same linkers but distinct inorganic nodes
Abstract Through changing the components of solvent, two Mg-based metal–organic frameworks were synthesized, which possess the same two-fold interpenetrated ReO3 net constructed by identical linkers,Expand
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Single-molecule tracking in live Yersinia enterocolitica reveals distinct cytosolic complexes of injectisome subunits
In bacterial type 3 secretion, substrate proteins are actively transported from the bacterial cytoplasm into the host cell cytoplasm by a large membrane-embedded machinery called the injectisome.Expand
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An alternative scheme for adaptive backstepping control
In this paper, we present a new adaptive backstepping control design method to solve the overparametrization problem in parameter estimation. Unlike the existing schemes, the concept of tuningExpand
Evaluation of antioxidant properties of the different tissues of vine tea (Ampelopsis grossedentata) in stripped canola oil and sunflower oil.
The leaves of Ampelopsis grossedentata have a long history of use as a health tea and herbal medicine. Data on the distribution of active metabolites in, and antioxidant capacities of, different vineExpand
Annotation of genes involved in high level of dihydromyricetin production in vine tea (Ampelopsis grossedentata) by transcriptome analysis
Leaves of the medicinal plant Ampelopsis grossedentata, which is commonly known as vine tea, are used widely in the traditional Chinese beverage in southwest China. The leaves contain a large amountExpand