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Using newly proposed recursion relations in [25, 26], compact formulas are obtained for tree-level amplitudes of g − 1 g − 2 g − 3 g + 4 g + 5 · · · g + n. We then make an extension of these recursion relations to include fermions of multi-flavors, from which MHV and MHV amplitudes are reproduced. We also calculate non-MHV amplitudes of processes with two(More)
In wireless networks, an attacker can tune a receiver and tap the communication between two nodes. Whether or not some meaningful information is obtained by tapping a wireless connection depends on the transmission scheme. In this paper, we design some secure network coding by combining information-theoretic approaches with cryptographic approaches. It(More)
In this paper, we present a practical algorithm to construct the convolutional multicast network coding over any finite directed cyclic network. The dual line graph of a directed cyclic graph is considered as a system. By regarding the global encoding kernels in the original graph as the corresponding inputs or outputs of some subsystem and the local(More)
Fermionic unparticles are introduced and their basic properties are discussed. Some phenomenologies related are exploited, such as their effects on charged Higgs boson decays and anomalous magnetic moments of leptons. Also, it has been found that measurements of B 0 − ¯ B 0 mixing could yield interesting constraints on couplings between unparticle operators(More)