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In wireless networks, an attacker can tune a receiver and tap the communication between two nodes. Whether or not some meaningful information is obtained by tapping a wireless connection depends on the transmission scheme. In this paper, we design some secure network coding by combining information-theoretic approaches with cryptographic approaches. It(More)
In this paper, we present a practical algorithm to construct the convolutional multicast network coding over any finite directed cyclic network. The dual line graph of a directed cyclic graph is considered as a system. By regarding the global encoding kernels in the original graph as the corresponding inputs or outputs of some subsystem and the local(More)
Our concern, in the paper, is to construct information-theoretic secure network coding in the presence of eavesdroppers. Based on the generalized attack model and all-or-nothing transformation, the security of network coding in the generalized combination network can be characterized by the network capacity and the min-cut bound of wiretapping set from the(More)