Mingxing Deng

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Using controlled mobile elements is a promising approach to collect data from sensor nodes. It is very important to calculate a number of near-optimal routes for the fusion nodes that incrementally collect the data. Based on the multi-tier mobile network model, a new moving control strategy is proposed. This method first divides the monitoring field into(More)
Computer simulation was applied to study the power flow of particle damping sheet in order to achieve the vibration characteristics. Firstly,the vibration equation of the particle damping sheet was established by discrete modeling.And the equation was solved to get the power flow expression by Laplace transform.Secondly,the power flow was simulated by(More)
Research on communication collection pattern for traditional fixed nodes with some mobile ones has been already extensive. However, almost nothing is done in tiered movement policy while movement track is unknown and sensor nodes drift at random direction. To fit the development of “smart dust” wireless sensor network, a new moving control strategy based on(More)
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