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DPC 333 ((2R)-2-((3R)-3-amino-3{4-[2-methyl-4-quinolinyl) methoxy] phenyl}-2-oxopyrrolidinyl)-N-hydroxy-4-methylpentanamide)) is a potent and selective inhibitor of tumor necrosis factor(More)
A pharmacophore model of the P1' site, specific for aggrecanase, was defined using the specificity studies of the matrix metalloproteinases and the similar biological activity of aggrecanase and(More)
The role of the intestine in the elimination of (2R)-2-{(3R)-3-amino-3-[4-(2-methylquinolin-4-ylmethoxy)phenyl]-2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl}-N-hydroxy-4-methylpentanamide (DPC 333), a potent inhibitor of(More)
SAR exploration at P1' using an anti-succinate-based macrocyclic hydroxamic acid as a template led to the identification of several bulky biphenylmethyl P1' derivatives which confer potent porcine(More)
Potent and selective inhibitors of tumor necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme (TACE) were discovered with several new heterocyclic P1' groups in conjunction with cyclic beta-amino hydroxamic acid(More)