Mingxiang Zhou

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Whole blood and serum samples of Chinese stable chronic renal failure (CRF) patients (n = 81), hemodialysis patients (n = 135), posttransplant patients (n = 60), and subjects with normal renal function (NRF; N = 42) were collected, as well as water and dialysate samples from five dialysis centers. The concentration of selenium (Se), lead (Pb), and cadmium(More)
This paper considers the task of path planning for articulated robots such that the end effector is driven optimally between two points in the workspace while collision with dynamic obstacles is avoided. Compared to path planning in the configuration space, approaches in the workspace save the computationally expensive step of mapping obstacles from the(More)
The task of motion planning for robotic manipulators means to drive an end-effector between designated points in the work area while obstacles are not hit. This contribution investigates the case of dynamic obstacles (like human operators) and the consideration of a performance criterion to be maximized for the motion. The proposed approach maps the(More)
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