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The increasing shortage of water resources has led to the development and adoption of aerobic rice system, which saves water input and increases water productivity by reducing water use during land preparation and limiting seepage, percolation, and evaporation. Aerobic rice also reduces labor requirement and greenhouse gaseous emission from rice field. In(More)
Discovering association rules from existing large databases is an important technique. In this paper, we propose an effective algorithm for mining short association rules on large database. It is experimentally demonstrated presented algorithm has an advantage over existing algorithm for mining association rule, it has better performance and flexibility. By(More)
Long-term, high dosage protamine zinc insulin (PZI) treatments produce adverse reactions. The trace element selenium (Se) is a candidate for the prevention of diabetes due to anti-oxidative stress activity and the regulation of glycometabolism. In this study, we aimed to investigate the anti-diabetic effects of a combination of PZI and Se on type 2(More)
Interval graphs play important roles in analysis of DNA chains in Benzer [S. Benzer, On the topology of the genetic fine structure, and other related areas. In this paper, we study a new combinatorial optimization problem, named the minimum clique partition problem with constrained bounds, in weighted interval graphs. For a weighted interval graph G and a(More)
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