Mingwei Shen

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A new physico-chemical process for TAN (total ammonia nitrogen) removal and disinfection is introduced in saline recirculating aquaculture system (RAS), in which the biofilter is replaced with an integrated electrolysis cell and an activated carbon filter. The electrolysis cell which is based on micro current electrolysis combined with UV-light was(More)
In this study, the effects of non-sidelooking airborne radar clutter dispersion on space-time adaptive processing (STAP) is considered, and an efficient adaptive angle-Doppler compensation (EAADC) approach is proposed to improve the clutter suppression performance. In order to reduce the computational complexity, the reduced-dimension sparse reconstruction(More)
In this paper, an efficient direct data domain space-time adaptive processing (STAP) algorithm for moving targets detection is proposed, which is achieved based on the distinct spectrum features of clutter and target signals in the angle-Doppler domain. To reduce the computational complexity, the high-resolution angle-Doppler spectrum is obtained by finding(More)
In this paper, an improved adaptive monopulse scheme based on modified projection approximation subspace tracking deflation (MPASTd) approach is proposed. Owing to the fast convergence speed of MPASTd for recursively estimating the interference subspace, the proposed algorithm can obtain the formula for adaptive monopulse ratio calculation by a subspace(More)
In order to assess SAR image, it is essential to discriminate speckle noise and signal properly. This paper proposes a new technical specification, wavelet-based fuzzy signal-to-noise ratio (WF-SNR) for evaluating SAR image. This idea roots from the techniques of denoising by shrinking the wavelet coefficients. The resolution of SAR image is used to modify(More)
Space-time adaptive processing (STAP) is the key technology of airborne early-warning radar to suppress both clutter and interference, and the extended factored approach (EFA) is the well-established reduced-dimension (RD) STAP approach for engineering implementation. In this paper, the adaptive monopulse technique is introduced into EFA, and an efficient(More)
In this paper, a new dynamic trigger mechanism for event-triggered control of linear systems is presented. This control protocol is governed by a trigger defined based on an internal dynamic variable. An event-triggered control system with a output-feedback controller is studied. The asymptotic stability of the resulting closed-loop system is guaranteed by(More)
An efficient approach to achieve ground moving target indication (GMTI) for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is to use the Monopulse-SAR system. This paper examines the statistics of monopulse ratio (MR) for SAR/GMTI model when complex Gaussian clutter-plus-noise is considered. The probability density function (pdf) of MR is analyzed in detail. Especially,(More)
In this paper, a GMTI method for Σ∆-beams is investigated, which is achieved by incorporating the along-track interferometric SAR/ GMTI technique with signal subspace processing. The principle of along-track interferometric SAR/ GMTI is analyzed, and the spatial cancellation matrix used to preprocess the Σ image is derived. In practice, because of the(More)