Mingwei Shao

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This letter addresses the problem of 3-D object recognition, whose aim is to recognize and estimate the pose of user-defined 3-D object when given an image. One difficult problem for 3-D object recognition is false correspondences between input image and 3-D model. To overcome this problem, we propose a novel aspect graph aware 3-D object representation(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the inhibitory effect of wasp gut fungus against the radicle growth of Amaranthus retroflexus for the development of herbicides from microorganisms. METHODS Eleven strains were isolated from wasp gut. Among them the fermentation broth of strain MF06 showed potent herbicidal activity against A. retroflexus. MF06 was identified by(More)
Recent studies have convincingly documented that hypogonadism is a component of various hereditary disorders and is often recognized as an important clinical feature in combination with various neurological symptoms, yet, the causative genes in a few related families are still unknown. High-throughput sequencing has become an efficient method to identify(More)
Over-exposure and perspective distortion are two of the main factors underlying inaccurate feature extraction. First, based on Steger's method, we propose a method for correcting curvilinear structures (lines) extracted from over-exposed images. A new line model based on the Gaussian line profile is developed, and its description in the scale space is(More)
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