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In the current dominant IaaS framework, the centralized VM image management mechanism leads to massive consumption of shared bandwidth resources of an IaaS data center (IDC) in face of a large amount of concurrent deployment tasks and has a limited image management ability in large scale IDCs formed by multiple physic server clusters, causing many problems(More)
For B-tree index structure which requires intensively fine-grained updates/modifications, directly implementing this index structure over flash memory could lead to a significant number of write operations. In this paper, a write-optimized B-tree layer is proposed called WOBF which works over FTL in the flash memory. It could not only reduce the number of(More)
Due to abuse by insiders or penetration by outsiders, network systems usually suffer various security issues. In order to achieve high dependable and low cost monitoring, this paper proposes a dependable monitoring mechanism combining static threshold-based and dynamic anomaly detection. Firstly, the performance metrics of host and network are collected(More)
In order to successfully monitor a large-scale distributed system, it is an important issue that the monitoring function fully covers all the entities in the system. To this end, a key challenge is to efficiently transmit state information of the entities in the system. This paper solves this challenge from two aspects. First, in virtue of the idea of(More)