Mingsong Wu

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Deficiency of tumor suppressor FLCN leads to the activation of the mTOR signaling pathway in human BHD-associated renal cell carcinomas (RCC). We have previously developed a renal distal tubule-collecting duct-Henle's loop-specific Flcn knockout (KO) mouse model (Flcnflox/flox/Ksp-Cre). This mouse model can only survive for three weeks after birth due to(More)
Triplophysa brevibarba is distributed in the upstream of Ya-lung River. The conservation status of this fish has been assessed as near threatened due to overfishing and habitat destruction. In the present study, we determined the first complete mitochondrial genome of T. brevibarba. This genome was 16,570 bp in size and contained 13 protein-coding genes, 22(More)
Joubert syndrome (JS) is an autosomal recessive disorder, which is characterized by hypotonia, ataxia, psychomotor delay, and variable occurrences of oculomotor apraxia and neonatal breathing abnormalities. JS is clinically and genetically heterogeneous. The present study investigated a typical JS family. The 'molar tooth sign' was observed in the proband(More)
Oreolalax rhodostigmatus Hu and Fei, 1979 is a rare and threatened frog, which is mainly distributed in the caves or underground waters in karst regions of southwest China. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (2017) categorized this endemic species as vulnerable. In this study, we reported the first complete mitochondrial genome of O.(More)
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