Mingsian Robin Bai

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A bass enhancement technique based on a phase-vocoder approach is presented. Instead of direct bass boosting, the proposed method creates a bass impression by exploiting the psychoacoustic properties of humans. This technique is most useful in audio reproduction using small loudspeakers that have no low-frequency capability, where direct boosting will(More)
This paper presents a methodology for implementing an active headset by using H` robust control theory. The adopted structure is feedback tracking control. Performance, stability, and robustness of the closed-loop system have been taken into account in the design procedure by using a general framework of the H` theory. The resultant controller is realized(More)
Crosstalk cancellation system (CCS) plays a vital role in spatial sound reproduction using multichannel loudspeakers. However, this technique is still not of full-blown use in practical applications due to heavy computation loading. To reduce the computation loading, a bandlimited CCS is presented in this paper on the basis of subband filtering approach. A(More)
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