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Software defect prediction helps to optimize testing resources allocation by identifying defect-prone modules prior to testing. Most existing models build their prediction capability based on a set of historical data, presumably from the same or similar project settings as those under prediction. However, such historical data is not always available in(More)
Many organisations have turned to crowdsource their software development projects. This raises important pricing questions, a problem that has not previously been addressed for the emerging crowdsourcing development paradigm. We address this problem by introducing 16 cost drivers for crowdsourced development activities and evaluate 12 predictive pricing(More)
Effort distribution by phase or activity is an important but often overlooked aspect compared to other steps in the cost estimation process. Poor effort allocation is among the major root causes of rework due to insufficiently resourced early activities. This paper provides results of an empirical study on phase effort distribution data of 75 industry(More)
Nowadays, many researches have been made on gallotannin biodegradation and have gained great success in further utilization. Some of industrial applications of these findings are in the production of tannase, the biotransformation of tannic acid to gallic acid or pyrogallol and detannification of food and fodder. Although ellagitannins have the typical C-C(More)
Measurement is an important facility to support effective and reasonable management. Software development has its inherent property of high-dependency on the personal capability of software engineers that causes the variance and instability of software processes: Therefore measurement for software process has long been a challenge. This paper discusses the(More)
To produce quality software and evolve them in an economic and timely fashion, enactable software process models are used for regulating development activities with the support of Process-Centered Software Engineering Environments (PCSEEs). However, due to the dynamically changing development environment, the developers do not always follow the process(More)