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Based on our statistical investigation of a typical three-dimensional (3-D) wavelet codec, we present a unified mathematical model to describe its operational rate-distortion (RD) behavior. The quantization distortion of the reconstructed video frames is assessed by tracking the quantization noise along the 3-D wavelet decomposition trees. The coding(More)
The objective of joint source channel coding (JSCC) is to optimally allocate the available channel bandwidth between source coding and channel coding in order to minimize the average distortion in the presence of packet losses. Unlike previous research, which focuses on determining distortion-optimized methods for JSCC using either assumptions about the(More)
We introduce ConfSeer, an automated system that detects potential configuration issues or deviations from identified best practices by leveraging a knowledge base (KB) of technical solutions. The intuition is that these KB articles describe the configuration problems and their fixes so if the system can accurately understand them, it can automatically(More)
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