Mingrui Zhang

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Lung adenocarcinoma is the most common type of primary lung cancer. The purpose of this study was to delineate gene expression patterns for survival prediction in lung adenocarcinoma. Gene expression profiles of 82 (discovery set) and 442 (validation set 1) lung adenocarcinoma tumor tissues were analyzed using a systems biology-based network approach. We(More)
Ten-finger freehand mid-air typing is a potential solution for post-desktop interaction. However, the absence of tactile feedback as well as the inability to accurately distinguish tapping finger or target keys exists as the major challenge for mid-air typing. In this paper, we present ATK, a novel interaction technique that enables freehand ten-finger(More)
Bioinformatics is a discipline that uses computational tools and computer technologies to model, analyze, present, and visualize biological data. In this paper, we discuss the design of a bioinformatics track within the computer science curriculum at Winona State University's Rochester campus. We also developed a bioinformatics course and used it as a(More)
  • Mingrui Zhang
  • 2013 6th International Conference on Information…
  • 2013
In the error control system, in order to ensure the validity and reliability of data transmission, people usually use error control. Automatic retransmission request (ARQ), which restores error messages by requesting receivers to send error data messages again is a method for processing channel errors in communication system. There are three basic ARQ ways,(More)
Segmentation of an image into regions and the labeling of the regions is a challenging problem. In this paper, an approach that is applicable to any set of multifeature images of the same location is derived. Our approach applies to, for example, medical images of a region of the body; repeated camera images of the same area; and satellite images of a(More)
A knowledge-guided approach to automatic classification of Coastal Zone Color images of the West Florida Shelf is described. The approach is used to identify red tides on the West Florida Shelf, as well as areas with high concentration of dissolved organic matter such as a river plume found seasonally along the West Florida coast over the middle of the(More)
The Computer Science Department at Winona State University revised its curriculum to include an interdisciplinary approach adapted to the study of computer science. The new curriculum consists of a traditional Computer Science option and an Applied Computer Science option consisting of four separate tracks, namely: bioinformatics, computer information(More)
The Lung Cancer Survivability Prediction Tool (LCSPT) is a web-based system that predicts the survival possibility of a lung cancer patient based on the status of the patient and the treatments provided. In order to make the LCSPT more accessible and convenient to doctors working in a clinical setting, we have developed a new interface for mobile devices.(More)
We have developed a web-based tool to predict lung cancer patient's survival probability using previously developed survivability prediction software architecture. Four statistical models are included in this version, three for non-small cell lung cancer and one for limited-stage small cell lung cancer. To make the software tool more accessible and(More)