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Verification code technology is designed to distinguish humans from computers using distorted letters and/or numbers, to protect websites from automatic attacking. The current verification code technology faces the dilemma of complexity design: too simple for an attacking machine to recognize automatically, or too complex for a human user. This paper(More)
In order to fuse the visible and infrared images captured in low visibility conditions, a method based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT) and generalized Gaussian distribution (GGD) is proposed in this paper. The statistical character of the directional coefficients decomposed by NSCT meet the GGD. So, the coefficients are estimated using absolute(More)
From the year 1998 to 2010, China's agricultural trade balance had become deteriorating. The change not only decreases the enthusiasm in agricultural production, and may even threaten the grain production security. To find out the key factors influencing the agricultural trade balance, this paper develops a new gravity model of agricultural trade balance by(More)
Recently, carbon emission abatement has been a key focus for environment-related policy making. However, it is very difficult for governments to set an appropriate abatement target and for economists to estimate how much emission reduction investment should be put. This paper first reviews existed measures of carbon emission abatement, and then surveys and(More)
To show how import of China's high-tech products promotes their export, this paper develops an inter-provincial panel data model. In the model, independent variable is export of China's high-tech products, and dependent variables involve import of China's high-tech products, cross term of import and R&D spending, cross term of import and human(More)
For the first time, this paper investigates the impact of China's tight monetary policy on inflation based on 82 monthly macroeconomic and policy indicators from 2000:1 to 2011:3, using a structural dynamic factor model approach. China's macroeconomic and policy indicators include interest rate, money supply, investment, consumption, industry output,(More)
CAPTCHA (also known as verification code) is mainly used to guarantee the login security of the interactive websites. At present, the most popular verification code is image CAPTCHA which can distinguish the human user from the computer by identifying characters in the image. Although the image CAPTCHA is safe at beginning, great deals of CAPTCHAs have been(More)
This paper examines bidders' bidding behavior and carbon emission rights allocations under the English auction with "going, going, gone" ending rule and the sequential ascending auction, respectively. Given the definitions of demand correspondence and efficient allocation, we obtain that: (1) under the English auction with "going, going, gone" ending rule,(More)
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