Mingqing Xiao

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Recently, switched systems have been found in many practical applications such as in communication network dynamics , robot manipulators, traffic management, etc. In this paper, we study the stability of time-varying linear switched systems under perturbations that satisfy linear growth condition, which is not available in current literature. By introducing(More)
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Let S = {S 1 , S 2 } ⊂ R d×d have a common, but not necessarily strict, Lyapunov matrix (i.e. there exists a symmetric positive-definite matrix P such that P − S T k PS k ≥ 0 for k = 1, 2). Based on a splitting theorem of the state space R d (Dai, Huang and Xiao, arXiv:1107.0132v1[math.PR]), we establish several stability criteria for the discrete-time(More)
In this paper, the synchronization problem for neural networks with stochastic perturbation is studied with intermittent control via adaptive aperiodicity. Under the framework of stochastic theory and Lyapunov stability method, we develop some techniques of intermittent control with adaptive aperiodicity to achieve the synchronization of a class of neural(More)