Mingqing Xiao

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In this paper, we study the stability of discrete-time switched linear systems via symbolic topology formulation and the multiplicative ergodic theorem. A sufficient and necessary condition for μA-almost sure stability is derived, where μA is the Parry measure of the topological Markov chain with a prescribed transition (0,1)-matrix A. The obtained(More)
In this paper, the synchronization problem for neural networks with stochastic perturbation is studied with intermittent control via adaptive aperiodicity. Under the framework of stochastic theory and Lyapunov stability method, we develop some techniques of intermittent control with adaptive aperiodicity to achieve the synchronization of a class of neural(More)
Given a system with an uncontrollable linearization at the origin, we study the controllability of the system at equilibria around the origin. If the uncontrollable mode is nonzero, we prove that the system always has other equilibria around the origin. We also prove that these equilibria are linearly controllable provided a coefficient in the normal form(More)
A commonly used mathematical model for jet engines that captures the ow behavior of a compression system, known as the viscous Moore-Greitzer PDE model, consists of a PDE and two ODEs. The PDE describes the behavior of disturbances in the inlet region of the compression system, and the two ODEs describe the coupling of the disturbances with the mean ow. In(More)
We study the existence of general nite-dimensional compensators in connection with the H1-optimal control of linear time-invariant systems on a Hilbert space with noisy output feedback. The approach adopted uses a Galerkintype approximation, where there is no requirement for the system operator to have a complete set of eigenvectors. We show that if there(More)