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This report concerns the speech and language outcomes of young adults (N = 242) who participated in a 14-year, prospective, longitudinal study of a community sample of children with (n = 114) and without (n = 128) speech and/or language impairments. Participants were initially identified at age 5 and subsequently followed at ages 12 and 19. Direct(More)
Amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI) might be more likely to progress to Alzheimer's disease than single non-memory MCI and multiple domain MCI. After excluding those who did not conform to the inclusion criteria of amnestic MCI or healthy controls, a neuropsychologic battery that included the Mini-Mental State Examination, Clinical Dementia Rating,(More)
We compared the sleep quality indices between patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and normal elderly subjects and analyzed the effects of sleep characteristics on cognitive functions. Cases of MCI patients (320 persons, MCI group) and 630 normal elderly with matched age, gender, and level of education (control group) were enrolled in this study.(More)
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