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Keywords: Noisy iris recognition Rubber sheet Simplified rubber sheet 2D Gabor Adaboost a b s t r a c t In this paper, we present a noisy iris recognition frame which is learned by Adaboost on a 2D Gabor-based feature set. First, the irises are segmented and normalized by rubber sheet or simplified rubber sheet according to whether segmentations are(More)
Poor preservation of plant macroremains in the acid soils of southern subtropical China has hampered understanding of prehistoric diets in the region and of the spread of domesticated rice southwards from the Yangtze River region. According to records in ancient books and archaeological discoveries from historical sites, it is presumed that roots and tubers(More)
The fabrication of mesoporous silica films with well-defined morphologies [1] offers tremendous opportunity for device structures. In particular the generation of a mesoporous silica film with cylindrical nanochannels of prescribed diameters oriented normal to the substrate holds great promise for applications in catalysis, [2] bio-molecular separations,(More)