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Keywords: Noisy iris recognition Rubber sheet Simplified rubber sheet 2D Gabor Adaboost a b s t r a c t In this paper, we present a noisy iris recognition frame which is learned by Adaboost on a 2D Gabor-based feature set. First, the irises are segmented and normalized by rubber sheet or simplified rubber sheet according to whether segmentations are(More)
GOFDM (generalized OFDM) has been proposed as a tradeoff solution between cyclic prefix single carrier (CP-SC) and OFDM system that can alleviate the peak to average power ratio (PAPR) problem of OFDM. In this paper, a novel estimation method for the estimation of the received SNR of GOFDM signal that is required in the adaptive modulation and coding (AMC)(More)
—Energy-efficient transmission is increasing in importance for wireless system design because of limited battery power in mobile devices. In this paper, we consider energy efficiency optimization in uplink virtual MIMO systems. First, accurate closed-form expressions are derived for the achievable energy efficiency for both multiuser (MU) transmission mode(More)