Mingon Kang

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One of the major obstacles in computational modeling of a biological system is to determine a large number of parameters in the mathematical equations representing biological properties of the system. To tackle this problem, we have developed a global optimization method, called Discrete Selection Levenberg-Marquardt (DSLM), for parameter estimation. For(More)
Computational modeling and simulation play an important role in analyzing the behavior of complex biological systems in response to the implantation of biomedical devices. Quantitative computational modeling discloses the nature of foreign body responses. Such understanding will shed insight on the cause of foreign body responses, which will lead to(More)
Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been implicated in various biological processes, and are linked in many dysregulations. Over the past decade, researchers reported a large number of human disease associations with the lncRNAs, both intergenic lncRNAs (lincRNAs) and non-intergenic lncRNAs. Thanks to the next generation sequencing platform, RNA-seq,(More)
Human diseases are abnormal medical conditions in which multiple biological components are complicatedly involved. Nevertheless, most contributions of research have been made with a single type of genetic data such as Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) or Copy Number Variation (CNV). Furthermore, epigenetic modifications and transcriptional regulations(More)
Inferring gene regulatory networks is one of the most interesting research areas in the systems biology. Many inference methods have been developed by using a variety of computational models and approaches. However, there are two issues to solve. First, depending on the structural or computational model of inference method, the results tend to be(More)
MOTIVATION Epistasis is the interactions among multiple genetic variants. It has emerged to explain the 'missing heritability' that a marginal genetic effect does not account for by genome-wide association studies, and also to understand the hierarchical relationships between genes in the genetic pathways. The Fisher's geometric model is common in detecting(More)