Mingming Jiang

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To investigate the drive-mode resonance frequency of a micromachined vibratory gyroscope (MVG), one needs to measure it accurately and efficiently. The conventional approach to measure the resonant frequency is by performing a sweep frequency test and spectrum analysis. The method is time-consuming and inconvenient because of the requirements of many test(More)
Inspired by the framework of Boyen, in this paper, an attribute-based signature (ABS) scheme from lattice assumption is proposed. In this attribute-based signature scheme, an entity’s attributes set corresponds to the concatenation of a lattice matrix with the sum of some random matrices, and the signature vector is generated by using the Preimage Sampling(More)
Key-dependent message (KDM) security is an important security issue that has attracted much research in recent years. In this paper, we present a new construction of the symmetric encryption scheme in the the ideal cipher model (ICM); we prove that our scheme is KDM secure against active attacks with respect to arbitrary polynomialtime challenge functions.(More)
Social innovations are creative products and changes that are motivated by social needs and bring value to society by meeting those needs. This paper uses case studies to investigate the cognitive and social processes that contribute to creativity in social innovation. The cases are: Wendy Kopp with Teach For America in education, Cicely Saunders with(More)
Based on the reference model of the multiplication removal quick second-order low-pass filter and state machine implementation through timing sequence instruction, the paper proposes the designing method of the state machine for multi-frequency point IIR low-pass digital filter. Thus, it sets to meet the requirements of multi-frequency and quick filtering(More)
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Certificateless public key cryptography (CL-PKC) can solve the problems of certificate management in a public key infrastructure (PKI) and of key escrows in identity-based public key cryptography (ID-PKC). In CL-PKC, the key generation center (KGC) does not know the private keys of all users, and their public keys need not be certificated by certification(More)