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Motion capture is an important technique with a wide range of applications in areas such as computer vision, computer animation, film production, and medical rehabilitation. Even with the professional motion capture systems, the acquired raw data mostly contain inevitable noises and outliers. To denoise the data, numerous methods have been developed, while(More)
Keywords: View-based 3D model retrieval Multiple feature fusion Online projection learning Out-of-sample a b s t r a c t Since each visual feature only reflects a unique characteristic about a 3-dimensional (3D) model and different visual features have diverse discriminative power in model representation , it would be beneficial to fuse multiple visual(More)
Based on the extracted contours of objects from images, one point to point (P2P) method is proposed for shape matching and image retrieval. Taking contour of one object as reference, contour of another object is transformed to reach their best match, during which the similarity is evaluated by comparison of two corresponding sets of contour points.(More)
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