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Based on regional coordination theory and system theory, the authors constructed an evaluation index system for the coordinated development of a regional environment-tourism-economy system with a pressure-state-response (PSR) model. With a coordinated development model, it further empirically analyzed the coordinated development state of an(More)
As IPv4 addresses are being exhausted, researches on how to implement IPv6 [1] on carrier network are becoming valuable. IETF Softwire Group has proposed many useful methods, such as the Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), towards this end. This paper firstly explains L2TP [2] tunnel technology in detail and then proposes the deployments of gateway mode(More)
BACKGROUND Pathological examination combined with tumor markers has become a standard for the diagnosis of intracranial germ cell tumors (ICGCTs), but the current concept of 'secreting germ cell tumors' and three empirically highly specific diagnostic criteria (β-hCG ≥ 50 IU/L or αFP ≥ 10 ng/mL; β-hCG ≥ 100 IU/L or αFP ≥ 50 ng/mL; β-hCG > 50 IU/L or αFP >(More)
Based on the level empowerment system and the linguistic operator, a satisfaction evaluation process is proposed in this paper. First of all, a level empowerment system is established to generate the weight of each surveyed tourist. Then, some new linguistic operations are defined which can remedy the defects of the existed operations. Besides, the(More)
The six-degree-freedom motion of ship is a complex nonlinear system. The forecasting for nonlinear ship motion is hard to achieve for the mutual couplings between freedoms, and there is no proper method to deal with this work right now. The multivarible grey model MGM(1,n) is a system model characterizing the mutual influences of the parameters by(More)
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