Mingming Cheng

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The 266 nm laser flash photolysis of the title complex in the presence of halide ions X(-) (X = I, Br, and Cl) generates halogen atoms on nanosecond time scales, followed by the known X(*)/X(-) reactions to yield dihalide radical anions, X2(*-). Plots of k(obs) against the concentration of X(-) were linear with zero intercepts, but the yields of X2(*-)(More)
Aqueous chromium(II) ions, Cr(aq)(2+), react with benzoylpyridine oxide (BPO) much more rapidly than with other pyridine N-oxides previously explored. The kinetics were studied under pseudo-first order conditions with either reagent in excess. Under both sets of conditions, the major kinetic term exhibits first order dependence on limiting reagent, and(More)
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