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Matrix transpose is a very crucial procedure in the synthetic aperture radar(SAR) imaging system. This paper analyzes the existing matrix transpose methods in the signal processing of SAR imaging and proposes two new matrix transpose methods, meanwhile, the implementation steps of new methods are also introduced. Finally, an example which uses the matrix(More)
This paper proposes a novel wavelet-based image fusion method that combines the selection and weighted average fusion rules for interpreting remote sensing images. When the local variance of source images is various greatly, the fusion coefficient of images is obtained by the selection rule, otherwise it will be acquired by the weighted average rule. The(More)
With the rapid development of optical remote sensing satellites, ship detection and identification based on large-scale remote sensing images has become a significant maritime research topic. Compared with traditional ocean-going vessel detection, inshore ship detection has received increasing attention in harbor dynamic surveillance and maritime(More)
Modeling visual attention is a challenging task for machine vision. In this paper, inspired by the mechanism of human visual system, we propose an integrated model to detect generic salient-regions in a purely bottom-up manner. Instead of only employing early visual features in most relevant works, the saliency of discriminative local regions is also(More)
Attention mechanism of human visual system provides a fast and robust ability to detect objects in cluttered scenes. In this paper, we propose a novel model for generic object detection that combines visual attention guidance and local descriptors representation, without requiring segmentation from background clutter. By matching keypoints of a hierarchical(More)
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