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Piezo proteins have been proposed as the long-sought-after mechanosensitive cation channels in mammals that play critical roles in various mechanotransduction processes. However, the molecular bases that underlie their ion permeation and mechanotransduction have remained functionally undefined. Here we report our finding of the miniature pore-forming module(More)
Virtual reality (VR) is being applied to a wide range of medical areas, including medical education/training, surgery and diagnostics assistance. In the medical education field, VR opens new realms in the teaching of medicine and creates new effective learning procedures for the students. In contrast with the expensive immersive virtual reality learning(More)
Although hand tracking algorithm has been widely used in virtual reality and HCI system, it is still a challenging problem in vision-based research area. Due to the robustness and real-time requirements in VR applications, most hand tracking algorithms require special device to achieve satisfactory results. In this paper, we propose an easy-to-use and(More)
Our long-term collaborations with bat flight biologists have revealed that several workflow issues continue to be persistent barriers in scientists' data analysis tasks. Only limited attention has been given to user interfaces that bridge programming and visualization in environments involving multiple information resources, feature extraction by(More)
Emotion is an important aspect of human intelligence and has been shown to play a significant role in the human decision-making process. This paper proposes a comprehensive computational model of emotions that can be incorporated into the physiological and social components of the emotions. Since interaction between characters can have a major impact on(More)