Minglin Li

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For its new acute care hospital, the University of California at Los Angeles is evaluating innovative technology involving high-resolution flat panel display devices configured as "network appliances" that can be wall mounted for use in the retrieval and display of medical images and data. Physicians and healthcare providers can log on with wireless(More)
A vaccine that interrupts malaria transmission (VIMT) would be a valuable tool for malaria control and elimination. One VIMT approach is to identify sexual erythrocytic and mosquito stage antigens of the malaria parasite that induce immune responses targeted at disrupting parasite development in the mosquito. The standard Plasmodium falciparum(More)
BACKGROUND This study tested a low-volume (20-30 microl/20-30 microg DNA) jet injection method for intradermal delivery of a DNA vaccine. Jet injection offers the advantages of a needle-less system, low-cost, rapid preparation of the injected DNA solution, and a simple delivery system. More than one construct can be injected simultaneously and the method(More)
Structural defects in monolayer molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) have significant influence on the electric, optical, thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties of the material. Among all the types of structural defects of the chemical vapor phase-grown monolayer MoS2, the VMoS3 point defect (a vacancy complex of Mo and three nearby S atoms) is another type of(More)
A molecular dynamics study on nanoindentation experiments is carried out for some single-layer rectangular graphene films with four edges clamped. Typical load-displacement curves are obtained, and the effects of various factors including indenter radii, loading speeds, and aspect ratios of the graphene film on the simulation results are discussed. A(More)
Correction In the original version of this article [1], the sizes of the simulated graphene models with different aspect ratios were not listed. Here, we add Table one (Table 1 here) to illustrate the sizes of rectangular graphene films simulated in the article [1]. In addition, there is a typo in the Acknowledgements section of the origin version of this(More)
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