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Temperature effects on the unsaturated permeability of the densely compacted GMZ01 bentonite under confined conditions
Abstract In this study, temperature controlled soil-water retention tests and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity tests for densely compacted Gaomiaozi bentonite — GMZ01 (dry density of 1.70 Mg/m3)Expand
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Water retention properties of the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone
Abstract A possible option for the disposal of high level long lived radioactive waste is to store the waste in galleries excavated at great depth in clays or claystones. In such conditions, theExpand
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Oxidation of elemental sulfur in paddy soils as influenced by flooded condition and plant growth in pot experiment
Abstract. A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of rice cropping on elemental sulfur (S0) oxidation in three paddy soils under flooded conditions. Unaltered wet samples of paddy soilsExpand
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Effect of temperature on soil-water characteristics and hysteresis of compacted Gaomiaozi bentonite
Laboratory tests under different constraint conditions were carried out to obtain the soil-water retention curves (SWRCs) of highly-compacted confined/unconfined Gaomiaozi (GMZ) bentonite at 20, 40Expand
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First report of Cisuralian (early Permian) charcoal layers within a coal bed from Baode, North China with reference to global wildfire distribution
Abstract Fossil charcoal is reported for the first time from a Cisuralian coal bed of the Shanxi Formation in the Qiaotou Section, Baode, Shanxi, North China. Based on anatomical characteristics,Expand
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Depositional model for a salinized lacustrine basin: The Permian Lucaogou Formation, Jimsar Sag, Junggar Basin, NW China
Abstract Fine-grained sedimentary rocks are well developed in a salinized lacustrine basin in the Junggar Basin, China. Understanding the sedimentary characteristics and process of these fine-grainedExpand
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Influence of temperature on the water retention properties of compacted GMZ01 bentonite
Investigation of the temperature effects on the water retention properties of compacted bentonite is of great importance in the context of geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste (HLW)Expand
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Xenoxylon junggarensis sp. nov., a new gymnospermous fossil wood from the Norian (Triassic) Huangshanjie Formation in northwestern China, and its palaeoclimatic implications
Abstract A permineralized gymnospermous wood, Xenoxylon junggarensis sp. nov., is described from the Norian (upper Triassic) Huangshanjie Formation in Dalongkou Section, Jimsar County, Xinjiang UygurExpand
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Septomedullopitys Szei sp. nov., A New Gymnospermous Wood from Lower Wuchiapingian (Upper Permian) Continental Deposits of NW China, and its Implication for a Weakly Seasonal Humid Climate in
Abstract Septomedullopitys szei sp. nov. is described from the Wuchiapingian Wutonggou Formation of Tarlong Valley, southern Bogda Mountains, Xinjiang, in northwestern China. The stem has aExpand
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Ductoagathoxylon jimsarensis gen. nov. et sp. nov., a gymnospermous stem from the Wuchiapingian (upper Permian) Wutonggou Formation in the Junggar Basin, northern Bogda Mountains, northwestern China
Abstract A silicified stem, Ductoagathoxylon jimsarensis Wan, Yang, Liu et Wang gen. nov. et sp. nov., is described from the Wuchiapingian (late Permian) Wutonggou Formation from the DalongkouExpand
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