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Glycine is the lone fast neurotransmitter for which a metabotropic pathway has not been identified. In retina, we found a strychnine-insensitive glycine response in bipolar and ganglion cells. This glycine response reduced high voltage-activated calcium current. It was G-protein mediated and protein kinase A dependent. The EC(50) of the metabotropic glycine(More)
In the dark-adapted salamander retina, spikes could be elicited from rods under normal physiological conditions. Spike activity was observed in rods during the recovery phase of the response to saturating light. These action potentials were calcium spikes, blocked by cadmium and L-type calcium channel blockers. In response to light stimuli that saturate the(More)
Urethral diverticula with calculi have a low incidence as reported in the literature. Diverticulum of female urethra is rare, often discovered due to associated complications. We report a case of diverticulum of the female urethra containing giant calculi in a 62-year-old multiparous woman. She consulted with our office due to dysuria and a hard, painful(More)
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