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Localization plays an important role in many applications of wireless sensor networks. Recently, mobile anchor assisted localization methods become promising, and the moving trajectory planning of anchor is an interesting and basic issue in these methods. In this paper, an obstacle-avoidance trajectory planning method for three-dimensional wireless sensor(More)
Targeting the medical monitoring applications of wireless body area networks (WBANs), a hybrid medium access control protocol using an interrupt mechanism (I-MAC) is proposed to improve the energy and time slot utilization efficiency and to meet the data delivery delay requirement at the same time. Unlike existing hybrid MAC protocols, a superframe(More)
This paper presents a hierarchical controller for an autonomous vehicle to track a reference path in the presence of uncertainties in both tire-road condition and external disturbance. The hierarchical control architecture consists of three layers: high, low, and intermediate levels. The upper-layer module deals with the vehicle motion control objective,(More)
A graph is a very important structure to describe many applications in the real world. In many applications, such as dependency graphs and debt graphs, it is an important problem to find and remove cycles to make these graphs be cycle-free. The common algorithm often leads to an out-of-memory exception in commodity personal computer, and it cannot leverage(More)
Localization is a key technology in wireless sensor networks. Faced with the challenges of the sensors' memory, computational constraints, and limited energy, particle swarm optimization has been widely applied in the localization of wireless sensor networks, demonstrating better performance than other optimization methods. In particle swarm(More)
A portable terminal device is designed for emergency system in an expressway with tollgates. It has three main functions such as printing receipts, taking photographs and short-message-based wireless communication. In emergency situation, the device can take the place of common charge computer system inside check kiosks. Its hardware consists of a FPGA(More)
Identity authentication is the first line of defense in the security application system to access the mobile network resources. However, as the means of attacking become variety, new requirements have been brought forward for the technology of identity authentication. To improve performance of mobile authentication, this paper presents a novel mobile(More)
In general application scenarios, physiological signals collected by body sensor networks will be delivered to a base station in the medical center for further processing. In this process, the communication between body sensor networks and the base station should be protected for individual's privacy. However, many existing related researches ignored the(More)