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This paper presents a layered decoding algorithm for LDPC code and analyzes the advantages and challenge for high speed implementation. Simulation result indicates that layered decoding algorithm converge two times faster than traditional decoding algorithm. A new code construction scheme aimed to design high speed LDPC decoder with layered decoding(More)
LTE-based mobile satellite communication system is a combination of terrestrial LTE system and satellite communication techniques, which aims at improving the current LTE system's technical specifications for better service quality. AMC (Adaptive Modulation and Coding) technique is applied in current LTE system to improve system capacity and data(More)
Efficient FFT processor is one of the key components in the implementation of wideband multicarrier communication systems. As programmable logic device (PLD) technology have been developing fast, some large-scale implementation of FFT processor in one FPGA becomes possible. This paper compares the finite word length effect of the decimation in time (DIT)(More)
Non-coherent receivers are attractive for pulsed UWB systems due to the implementation simplicity. However, it is subject to non-trivial performance degradation due to undesired noise enhancement, especially when the system configuration is inappropriate. This paper mainly concerns the pre-filter bandwidth optimization of the non-coherent receiver. The BER(More)
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