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The actin cytoskeleton is an important regulator of cell expansion and morphogenesis in plants. However, the molecular mechanisms linking the actin cytoskeleton to these processes remain largely unknown. Here, we report the functional analysis of rice (Oryza sativa) FH5/BENT UPPERMOST INTERNODE1 (BUI1), which encodes a formin-type actin nucleation factor(More)
The RAR1 and SGT1 proteins function synergistically or antagonistically in plant innate immune responses. Here, we show that the rice orthologs OsRAR1 and OsSGT1 physically interact in vivo and in yeast. They displayed conserved roles in Arabidopsis disease resistance through ectopic expression in the Arabidopsis rar1 and sgt1 mutants. Overexpression of(More)
Angiosperm seeds usually consist of two major parts: the embryo and the endosperm. However, the molecular mechanism(s) underlying embryo and endosperm development remains largely unknown, particularly in rice, the model cereal. Here, we report the identification and functional characterization of the rice GIANT EMBRYO (GE) gene. Mutation of GE resulted in a(More)
Plants are responsive to temperature, and some species can distinguish differences of 1°C. In Arabidopsis, warmer temperature accelerates flowering and increases elongation growth (thermomorphogenesis). However, the mechanisms of temperature perception are largely unknown. We describe a major thermosensory role for the phytochromes (red light receptors)(More)
Weibing Yang,a,1 Sulin Ren,b,1 Xiaoming Zhang,c,1 Mingjun Gao,a Shenghai Ye,c Yongbin Qi,c Yiyan Zheng,b Juan Wang,b Longjun Zeng,a Qun Li,a Shanjin Huang,b,2 and Zuhua Hea,2,3 a National Key Laboratory of Plant Molecular Genetics, Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200032, China b Key Laboratory of(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for blind identification of space-frequency block codes. Based on the random matrix theory, we propose principal component sequence as a discriminating feature, which is detected by sliding window in the frequency-domain. With this feature, Euclidean distance is employed for decision making. The proposed algorithm does(More)
Conductive polymer is one of the important multi-functional materials. It has many applications in light-emitting diodes, chemical sensors, biosensors, et al. This paper provides a relatively comprehensive review on the progress of conductive polymer and composite as sensitive film for sensors to chemical vapors including patents, papers and our preliminary(More)