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Handling large-sized classes and maintaining students’ involvement are two of the major challenges in Personal Software Process (PSP) education in universities. In order to tackle these two challenges, we adapted and incorporated some typical practices of Pair Programming (PP) into the PSP class at summer school in Software Institute of Nanjing(More)
Code review is believed to be an effective technique to remove defects in early development stage and improve software quality. Therefore, it is regarded as one of the basic skills of qualified software engineers. Consequently, most curricula for SE students incorporated knowledge about code review in different courses. However, how to teach students to(More)
Agile approaches are proved by numerous case studies and reports to be effective and constructive in desktop software development. However, the situation is quite different in the embedded world due to the unique characteristics of the embedded software projects, which bring many difficulties to developers. And little is known about the current application(More)
With the proliferation of embedded ubiquitous systems in all aspects of human life, the development of embedded systems has been facing more and more challenges (e.g., quality, time to market, etc.). Meanwhile, lots of software processes have been reported to be applied in Embedded Systems Development (ESD) with various advantages and disadvantages.(More)
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