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Automobiles may include sensors for obtaining information regarding various physical parameters, such as ultrasonic sensors for distance detecting during reversing. Usually these sensors are powered by wire connection with the batteries of the automobiles. However, while more and more sensors are installed to the automobiles, the wire connection turns to be(More)
The bonding interface between bamboo elements and adhesives is presumed to be significantly influenced by the degree of adhesive penetration into the porous network of interconnected cells of bamboo surfaces. In the study presented here, the average depth and effective depth of phenol-formaldehyde resin (PF) modified by different contents of lower-molecular(More)
The aim of this study was to understand the microscopic characteristics of the bamboo bonding interface with phenol formaldehyde resin modified with larch thanaka and urea (PTUF) and its effect on the shear strength of two-ply bamboo laminated lumber. Bleached and carbonized bamboo strips were used, and two assembly patterns (outer-to-outer and(More)
A hydraulic excavator has a number of devices attached, the operating speeds of which are important performance indicators for performance evaluation and end-of-line inspection. This paper proposes an online and low-cost detection method to estimate the operating speed based on the peak detection of the main pump outlet pressure. A pressure sensor is(More)
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