Mingjian Yin

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Seamless roaming over wireless networks is highly desirable to mobile users, and security such as authentication of mobile users is challenging. In this paper, we propose a privacy-preserving universal authentication protocol, called Priauth, which provides strong user anonymity against both eavesdroppers and foreign servers, session key establishment, and(More)
Wireless networking is becoming an increasingly important and popular way of providing global information access to users on the move. One of the main challenges for seamless mobility is the availability of simple and robust vertical handoff algorithms, which allow a mobile node to roam among heterogeneous wireless networks. In this paper, motivated by the(More)
A distributed access control module in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) allows the network to authorize and grant user access privileges for in-network data access. Prior research mainly focuses on designing such access control modules for WSNs, but little attention has been paid to protect user’s identity privacy when a user is verified by the network for(More)
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