Minghui Kang

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In this study, we drew from the existing online trust model to develop a specific model of online lending platform trust from the perspectives of cognition-based trust and affect-based trust. Trust between lenders and borrowers have been discussed a lot but there are no empirical studies focusing on trust toward lending platforms. The dearth of the relevant(More)
Micro-group is a commonly used function provided by most of China micro-blog platforms though which friends or people with common interests can share conversations like an online community. In this study, we draw from established socio-technical theory in Information Systems to develop an integrated model of customers’ adherence to micro-groups from the(More)
The growing popularity of micro-blogs has drawn an increasing amount of attention from users keen to expand friendship, facilitate information sharing and information seeking. Given the extensive use of micro-blog services, there is a pressing need to understand users’ behavioral intentions in microblog services. Although there are some studies exploring(More)