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Rhodococcus sp. BX2 degrades bensulfuron-methyl but not butachlor, and Acinetobacter sp. LYC-1 degrades butachlor but not bensulfuron-methyl. Functional strains were constructed through protoplast fusion of Rhodococcus sp. BX2 and Acinetobacter sp. LYC-1 to generate fusants with an improved ability to simultaneously degrade bensulfuron-methyl and butachlor.(More)
The abundance and diversity of soil bacterial and fungal communities in a wheat field under elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations and increased air temperatures were investigated using qPCR and pyrosequencing. Elevated CO2 concentrations significantly increased the abundances of bacteria and fungi, and an increase of air temperatures significantly reduced(More)
Neonicotinoid insecticides are one of the most important commercial insecticides used worldwide. The potential toxicity of the residues present in environment to humans has received considerable attention. In this study, a novel Ochrobactrum sp. strain D-12 capable of using acetamiprid as the sole carbon source as well as energy, nitrogen source for growth(More)
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