Minghua Tang

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The Odd-Even (OE) [5] routing strategy has greatly improved the degree of adaptiveness over other adaptive routing strategies. It depends on an efficient selection strategy to achieve the potential performance of the improved adaptiveness. Asica et al. [3] proposed a NoP selection strategy, which aims to make use of such adaptiveness. However, there exists(More)
Multi and many-core applications are hungry for low on-chip network latency which is mainly determined by routing algorithm. For mesh-based topology, routing algorithm appears as a set of prohibited turns. The task of designing routing algorithm is to get such a proper set of turns. However, as the network size increases it becomes very complex. Researchers(More)
Inorganic/organic heterojunction solar cells (HSCs) have attracted increasing attention as a cost-effective alternative to conventional solar cells. This work presents an HSC by in situ growth of CuInS2(CIS) layer as the photoabsorption material on nanoporous TiO2 film with the use of poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) as hole-transport material. The in situ(More)