Minghu Cheng

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The propagation of seismic waves in an open borehole is reviewed. The principal wave types are the refracted P and S waves and the two guided waves-pseudo-Rayleigh and Stoneley. The dispersion properties of the gUided waves are analyzed. An efficient method of computing synthetic micro seismograms is described. The relative effects of the borehole. fluid(More)
The theory of SZ phase encoding correcting range ambiguity algorithm is analyzed. Based on the Matlab radar signal simulation platform, the meteorological echo signals are simulated with different parameters. Furthermore, the range ambiguity correcting is performed in frequency domain with the improved SZ method. It is indicated that SZ phase encoding(More)
Combining the spectral vegetation index with thermal infrared information, Ts/NDVI triangle space can provide a promising measure in drought monitoring despite its regional and temporal dependence. A Ts/NDVI triangle space was constructed through Terra-MODIS NDVI and LST, and a triangle space based land surface dryness index VTCI was utilized to explore the(More)
In this work, the data from the China new generation S band A series radar (CINRAD/SA) in Hefei during 2001 to 2003 was used to study the precipitation echo classification with a back-propagation (BP) model of artificial neural network. Three types of precipitation echo were considered in this study: stratiform, convective and mixed rain. Based on a case(More)
In this thesis, the radar echo reflectivity of severe precipitation in the flood season of Changjiang-Huaihe area was identified by a Back-Propagation (BP) Model of Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The trained network was applied in a precipitation progress in the same area in 2001. The results illustrate that: the single hide-layer BP ANN can be used to(More)
Tropical cyclone rainfall rate and distribution is a most important issue for tropical cyclone landfall area. High impact weather and extreme events will be closely connected with rainfall brought about by landfalling tropical cyclones. There are several parts of rainfall observation forecasting techniques and physical processes etc. to be included in this(More)
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