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A valid analytical inverse kinematics computation for seven-degree-of-freedom (7-DOF) redundant manipulators with offset-wrist is proposed. The method uses a virtual joint to replace the join offset from the wrist, and forms a virtual manipulator with a sphere-wrist. Assuming that the virtual manipulator and the real manipulator's joint angles keep the same(More)
Owing to the high cost and risks of robotic tasks in space, space robots require that all procedures should be strictly verified and tested before launching. A ground-based multi-loop simulation verification testbed has been developed which can validate and test the visual servoing system for free-floating space robot to capture the target satellite in(More)
This paper presents a novel Cartesian path planning for space manipulator to achieve base (satellite) attitude adjustment and Cartesian task. The base attitude adjustment by the way of the movement of manipulator will save propellant compared with conventional attitude control system. A task-priority Reaction Null-space control method is applied to achieve(More)
A novel adaptive object impedance control strategy is presented for dual-arm cooperative humanoid manipulators. A general impedance scheme comprising internal impedance control and object impedance control is adopted, which aims at conferring a compliant behavior both in end-effector level and object lever. The adaptation law for the stiffness and damping(More)
This paper presents a novel method for robot to reconstruct unknown object models from discrete tactile point clouds. In model recovery process, 6D tactile data which contain point positions and corresponding normal vectors are firstly clustered. Then geometric feature descriptors are used to extract geometric feature vectors from tactile data. The object(More)
As the friction has a great effect on the performance of low speed and low stiffness impedance control of flexible joint robot, a modified Dahl friction model is adopted, and a friction observer is proposed to compensate the friction based on interconnection and damping assignment passivity based control (IDA-PBC) method. The dynamics friction compensation(More)
Since space tasks turn more complicated, tool exchange on orbit is playing a key role. This paper develops a novel tool exchange device(TED) and its fixture. It can not only realize the electrical interface connection with the end tool, but can output torque to it directly. Moreover, when the TED docks with the fixture, using intermittent motion(More)
Based on the need of the real-time dynamic simulation of space robot in the hardware-in-the-loop simulation system and modeling analysis of control system, the notation of spatial vector is applied to describe Articulated-Body Algorithm (ABA) for the modeling and simulation of floating base space manipulator system. Recursive multi-body dynamics of space(More)
This paper presents the guideline and mechanical design of a six-dimensional constraint gripper. A state vector is firstly defined to represent the position/orientation misalignment. After analysising three basic geometric constraint methods from the point of caging and immobilizing, we propose a reliable six-dimensional constraint gripper design guideline.(More)
A miniature and highly integrated laser range sensor based on the triangulation measuring principle is developed for a potential application of relative pose measurement between docking mechanism and non-cooperative target in space. To achieve a highly integrated and miniaturized sensor system design, an idea of Opto-Mechatronics Design is adopted. To(More)