Minghao Tian

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In this paper, we consider the harmonic extension problem, which is widely used in many applications of machine learning. We find that the transitional method of graph Laplacian fails to produce a good approximation of the classical harmonic function. To tackle this problem, we propose a new method called the point integral method (PIM). We consider the(More)
The command and control system based on SOA exists frangibility for information exchange, which has become a bottleneck to limit the development of them. A security policy of information exchange for command and control system is established, which combines with AES encryption, RSA digital signatures and authentication. The simulation results show that this(More)
The Global Navigation Satellite System(GNSS) is a high precision navigation system based on satellite, which implements worldwide, all-weather, real-time, continuous navigation and position. It is very necessary to establish a rational and flexible simulation system of GNSS, which can help to analyse the characteristics of GNSS and research on technologies(More)
In a direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) communication system with long period pseudorandom (PN) code, the acquisition speed of the pseudorandom code will impact the overall performance of the receiving system seriously. A rapid acquisition method of long PN code is proposed, which is based on excellent correlation characteristics of PN code. In this(More)
The most important steps for navigation data extraction are bit synchronization and frame synchronization. The traditional algorithms are complicated which are implemented with frame synchronization followed by bit synchronization. A new algorithm is proposed in this paper, which is based on FFT and could obtain bit synchronization and frame synchronization(More)
On the foundation of in-depth analyze the shortage of single-system synchronization, the requirement for multi-system synchronization receiving was especially studied. Considering the factors of synchronization processing speed, processing precision, resource utilization ratio and complexity degree etc, three control schemes were provided, which are method(More)
With the development of new satellite navigation system, the existing navigation signals haven't meet the demand of modernization. The new modulation methods appear gradually, for example the BOC modulation, the AltBOC modulation and TDDM spreading frequency spectrum methods, so based on the theory researching, their characteristic were researched and(More)
Graphs and network data are ubiquitous across a wide spectrum of scientific and application domains. Often in practice, an input graph can be considered as an observed snapshot of a (potentially continuous) hidden domain or process. Subsequent analysis, processing, and inferences are then performed on this observed graph. In this paper we advocate the(More)
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