Minghan Fu

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We consider a two-user energy harvesting broadcast channel, and characterize the delay minimal transmission policies that minimize the total delay experienced by the data packets in the system. We consider a continuous time system where the delay experienced by each bit is given by the time spent by the bit in the queue waiting to be transmitted to its(More)
In this paper we analyze a turbo equalization scheme that combines maximum a posteriori probability (MAP) equalization and turbo decoding. Our aim is to optimize the turbo equalizer in order to approach the information capacity limit for channels with severe inter-symbol interference (ISI). For this purpose, we perform an extensive search for turbo codes(More)
This paper proposes a novel ¿preview control¿ approach to dual-stage actuator (DSA) systems based on the redundancy of actuators. While conventional tracking controllers are designed such that the primary actuator asymptotically approaches the set point, the proposed methodology allows it to move freely within the range of the secondary actuator. Then, the(More)
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