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Magnesium production by a coupled electric and thermal field
  • Hangjin Wu, Peng Zhao, Minghai Jing, Jiangjiang Li, Tongdan Chen
  • Materials Science
  • 2021
Abstract A novel method was used to prepare metallic magnesium through a coupled electro-thermal field at 10 Pa pressure by using calcined dolomite and ferrosilicon as raw materials. This approachExpand
Effects of modified materials prepared from wastes on the performance of flue gas desulfurization gypsum-based composite wall materials
Abstract The utilisation of industrial wastes and straw fibre to prepare building materials is a green alternative that saves natural resources and protects the environment. This study investigatesExpand
The heavy metal leaching property and cementitious material preparation by treating municipal solid waste incineration fly ash through the molten salt process
After molten salt treatment, the weight fraction of fly ash was reduced by 50 wt% than the original one, and the fly ash has been changed as a kind of cementitious material, which has excellent cementitious property. Expand
Improving chloride ion penetration resistance of cement mortar by strong base anion exchange resin
Abstract How to improve the chloride penetration resistance of reinforced concrete in marine environment has always been an important research topic. In this paper, based on the adsorption propertiesExpand