Minggang Zhu

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Fe3O4 and Fe nanowires are successfully fabricated by electrospinning method and reduction process. Wiry microstructures were achieved with the phase transformation from α-Fe2O3 to Fe3O4 and Fe by partial and full reduction, while still preserving the wire morphology. The diameters of the Fe3O4 and Fe nanowires are approximately 50-60 nm and 30-40 nm,(More)
In this paper we discuss the application of CGNS data format as a means for pre- and post-processing of an in-house 3D finite volume unstructured grid flow solver which is under development. Hashing techniques are developed for speedy processing of interior faces and boundary faces needed by the finite volume flow solver. For a case with more than 300,000(More)
This article introduces a numerical scheme to simulate aero acoustics propagation. The wave equation is discrete spatially with collocated finite volume method and Eulerian implicit method in time domain. The performance of the PC is greatly developed, so as expected the network can provide great computational capability. Based on this point, we developed a(More)
ABSTRACT A large-scale floating raft vibration isolation system installed on a flexible hull-like structure is described in this paper. Four vibration exciters, in which two counter rotating shafts with the same balanced masses are driven by a phase asynchronous motor, are used to simulate rotating machines on the raft. The phase of the electrical supply to(More)
Magnetic micro-structural uniformity of die-upset Nd-Fe-B magnets" (2012). Si-Hwang Liou Publications. Paper 101. magnets have been prepared with height reduction (h) in the range of 60 to 88%. The energy product as high as 50.4 MGOe was obtained in the sample with h $ 70%. The magnetic domains of the samples are revealed by using magnetic force microscopy(More)
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