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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of icariin (ICA) on learning and memory abilities and cholinergic system in senescence-accelerated mice SAMP10. METHOD The 8-month-old senescence-accelerated mice were randomly divided into the model SAMP10 group and the positive Donepezil group (1 mg x kg(-1)) and ICA groups (50, 100, 200 mg x kg(-1)), with 12 mice in(More)
Two new triterpenoids, 2alpha,3beta,11alpha,13beta-tetrahydroxy-12-ketooleanan-28-oic acid(1) and 3beta-hydroxy-12-keto-9(11)-ursen-28,13beta-olide (2) were isolated from the leaves ofPhotinia serrulata. Their structures were identified by spectral methods. Compounds 1 and2 were assessed for cytotoxic activity against three human tumor cell lines (A-549,(More)
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